Q. How much is the fee?

A. The credit repair consultation to view your credit reports is free. The credit repair and restoration process is a one time flat rate fee, ranging from $350 to $500 depending on the number of accounts that must be addressed. We will process payment once initial dispute is completed. Discounts are available for couples and groups.

Q. How do other companies charge?

A. (a) Other companies charge an initial fee, then charge a monthly service fee. This prolongs the credit repair process so that the credit repair company can receive more residual income from their clients. National Credit Consultants provides credit repair services in 30 to 90 days, where other companies prolong the process to 9 months or a year. For example, a $150 initial fee, plus $75 per month for 9 months will cost $895 for credit repair services.
(b) Some credit repair companies go so far as to charge an initial signup fee and then charge additional high fees for each account deleted from your credit report. For example, they might charge a signup fee of $200 and a fee of $75 per account deleted from your credit report. If there are 10 negative accounts on your credit report and 7 are deleted, there would be an additional $525 fee, making a total of $775.00 for their credit repair service.
(c ) Other credit repair companies charge an initial fee, then charge for the type of account that is deleted. For example, a deleted collection account could cost $150, a charge off $200, a mortgage late payment $300, a foreclosure or judgment $500. This payment structure can become very expensive. The initial fee of $200 plus two collections accounts deleted at $150 each ($300), one charge off account deleted for $200 and a judgment deleted for $500 would cost a total of $1200 for those credit repair services.

Keep in mind that these prices are for the credit repair dispute process only. They include NONE of the other services that are included in National Credit Consultants flat rate fee.

Q. Why use National Credit Consultants?

A. National Credit Consultants is the only firm that gives clients a personal credit repair consultant who will handle their case from beginning to end of the credit repair process. When you call, you will not have to speak to a different person each time who is reading someone else’s notes stored in your credit repair file.

We charge you a one time flat rate fee and provide many more services in less time than any other credit repair and restoration company.

We love what we do and are experts at it. We consistently produce the best results for our clients. There is no other credit repair company that has the depth of knowledge and experience about credit repair and your legal rights than National Credit Consultants.

Our unique system and level of experience has allowed the company to build a reputation of quality and integrity on a national level by assisting thousands of clients to improve their credit ratings.

Many of our credit repair consultants hold national seminars on credit repair and restoration for professionals in the lending industry. We also conduct educational seminars for the consumer on how the credit scoring system “really” works and what credit repair companies can and cannot actually accomplish.

We have been helping clients to repair their credit and restore their credit scores since 2000. And, we maintain the highest ethical standards. We are in compliance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act – the federal law that governs our industry.

We operate nationally and are licensed and registered.

We initiate a multi-stage process that challenges not only all three credit bureaus, but creditors and collection agencies as well. Most credit repair companies only send out a generic form of dispute letter, which you could easily do yourself. Not Us! We have a team of highly qualified credit repair consultants that are assigned to each new client based on your credit profile and our credit consultant’s area of expertise. In essence, you are paying us to represent you and to obtain for you the highest credit score possible. You deserve the individual attention that is needed to do so and that we provide. We will never take a client if we feel we are unable to help them.

Most “credit repair” companies only have a one-step system that sends one round of letters to the credit bureaus. You can do this yourself at home. The problem with this method is that there is only about a 10% chance anything will be removed. Even if it were to be removed, when the creditor re-report to the credit bureaus, it will be put right back on your credit report.

We have a system that goes to the root of the problem to handle it permanently. This in our opinion is the ONLY way to handle the problem. We have a multi-stage process in place that is tailored to your specific case. You will never find two credit reports alike. If this is so, how can you run a general "fix-all" method? The answer is you can’t. Each creditor responds differently to each clients.

Q. How long does the precess take?

A. The first results will be obtained directly from the credit bureau within 35-45 days. We aim to complete the entire process in 30 to 90 days. Results may vary due to different information on the client’s credit report.

Q. How will I find out about my results?

A. You will receive all results first-hand by mail or email from the creditors and credit bureaus. You then forward a copy of the results to us for review and begin the next stage of our process.

Q. Is it legal?

A. Although the credit bureaus would like to have you think otherwise, there is absolutely nothing illegal about disputing items on your credit report. In fact, it is your explicit right by law to do so under the FCRA.

Q. Does NCC have a guarantee?

A. Yes, NCC guarantees the services.